Tools for Finding Happiness

Time’s marching on, my friends – and us with it. How is your January shaping up so far? Full steam ahead, stuck in first gear, or are you coasting? Whatever the pace, is 2017 presenting moments of happiness, contentment and a little joy? This week we’re sharing free or nearly-so options for finding those positive emotions, some tools for everyone’s happiness repertoire.

Happiness can sometimes be elusive, and going on a search for it doesn’t guarantee we’ll find it – as many of us have found out at the end of a trip, day or adventure. So yeah, I don’t go looking for it, I merely open a few windows and doors for a little sunshine/moonbeam happiness to come in. Some mostly happy sources:

1.) The Library
You sign up, and they give you books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, audiobooks, e-books – all to enjoy at your leisure, for 2 weeks or so. Libraries also hold activities: I’ve seen marimba players and jazz musicians; been to a Jane Austen Club session, a Diwali Lights Festival and a memorable didgeridoo event. And for anyone with a card: free internet access.

2.) The Internet
Online happiness? Yep, it comes around. Connecting with friends and family far away. All those videos on YouTube and Vimeo. As long as we remember everything we see has been edited, and no-one’s life is as perfect as seen, especially on Instagram, we should be all right. There are also free online education courses at – for a happy, smart brain.

3.) The Great Outdoors
Whether it’s hills, valleys, oceans, meadows, forests, lakes, a neighborhood park or a National Park, or your own backyard – we all need a dose of nature. The chances of a happy moment occurring are much greater with our feet stuck in the sand and our lungs full of pine air. Get a little grubby for happy to find you.

As of this moment, these are my 3 lucky places. Perhaps you have many others, lucky you. Wherever we find ourselves may there be contentment, gratitude and a smidgen of happiness.

[Img.Src: NeXTcube: CERN: world wide web protocols will be free, 1993.]

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