Welcoming the Start of Autumn

I’m always ready for clouds and fog, no matter what the Season. Also, now that we are drought-stricken, I’m always hoping hoping hoping for rain (liquid sunshine). So of course I’m welcoming the start of Autumn. No longer do I have to cringe when venturing out into the afternoon, no more blasting sun (cancer rays) frying my delicate skin. The sun is noticeably lower in the sky, diffused, softer, and returns to being the gentle friend that I remember from before the demise of the ozone layer.


Winter’s approach signals the need for some advance prep-work. This holds true even here in the temperate San Francisco Bay Area, where Winter temps are generally in the mid-50’s (daytime), down to low-40’s (nighttime), very occasionally getting below freezing in the middle of the night. Yes, I recognize how easy I have it compared to folks in Minnesota and Maine and the like, where they seem to spend their entire Summers taking care of all manner of preparation before the Winter onslaught.

But regardless of where you live, the coming of Winter means Chores! Chores! Chores!

This is the time of year to stow away my patio umbrella and cushions, and outdoor carpet prior to our first rainstorm. I’m proud to say I did that chore last week, right before we were hit with much-needed precipitation — 1.3 inches. So, this year I won’t have rain-soaked drippy cushions drying-out in my garage — hooray!


I need to put the cover on the BBQ, which means I have to give it a thorough cleaning beforehand, inside and out, so it will be just like new when I uncover it next Spring.

I mustn’t forget to get someone to do the annual gutter-cleaning. Many’s the time I’ve had to get up on a ladder in the midst of a storm to do some emergency leaf-removal to get the gutters unclogged. I notice that becoming soaked with nature’s drippy sweaty perspiration feels strangely cleansing/refreshing. It’s humbling to be out in the elements, working feverishly while realizing there’s nothing I can do to counter-act Mother Nature.

A more pleasant chore is to unearth my winter clothes, putting together some fun outfits. I’m looking forward to wearing the cute ankle booties I bought for dirt cheap at the end of last Winter.

For my Winter hibernation, I’ll be changing my duvet cover to one with more substantial weight, to keep me toasty. I’ll be spending inordinate amounts of time snuggled under the covers, once my chores are completed.

[Img.Src: Autumn Rain by Julian Alden Weir. After Autumn Rain by Jane Sutherland.]

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