So The World May End by Friday?

My world has ended and began again, and again. As I write this a new person living across the hall wails and wails at the beginning of his/her world. The mum’s world revolves around this baby, her nights are a waking nightmare of a wailing baby. There are a bundle of worlds crammed in my building. A layer cake of worlds swirled and stacked sharing yet another world. We don outer world suits and faces and come out leaving one world for another every day.


Today we interacted with a museum world and checked out a bunch of skulls. Homo sapiens’ skulls dating back a few million years. Worlds away from ours and so long far away my mind couldn’t comprehend the immensity of time between us. Oh and dinosaurs. What a world. And the ocean exhibit-Squids, and whales and giant skeletons of creatures that once lived and whose worlds are long over but for remnants suspended in a museum drifting as a backdrop in my world for a moment.

Tonight, back in my safe world, my layer, has two cat worlds –cat world has to be the craziest– one dog world, two teenage boy worlds –and I hope that these two worlds are always especially rich in love, bliss and ease– my own and my man friend. We all live separately together. And if we had to brace ourselves for a finality, an all over, completely forever and ever, we wouldn’t change a beat in our rhythm- not one movement in our dance. It’s all good.

[Img.Src: stegosaurus, naosaurus, coliseum]

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