My 15 X 15 Day Challenge

My first ever ‘public’ physical challenge went well—and sent me on the road to a certain amount of consistency. You can see from the chart below that I played around with the numbers AND the exercises—since everyone gets to dance to different beats.


I gained in confidence through completing this challenge, as well as increased strength in my upper body—because of the bloody push-ups, and a greater sense of balance due to the lunges.

The biggest challenge were the push-ups, I couldn’t manage doing all 15 in one go, but was determined to get them all done. The jumping jacks also offered difficulty—with my momentum being terribly slow. I haven’t had both feet off the ground simultaneously in more than a decade (unless sleeping), so I approached this part of the challenge with a bit of trepidation—and looked and felt like an ancient spastic frog.

My own personal challenge is to carry on with what has become my morning (and only rarely evening) routine, adding more movement as and when I can.

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