3 Cheers for a Natural Scent

This week we’re sniffing out the topic of scents, and it’s too bad that we don’t have Smell-O-Vision on our computers, which would make this really interesting.

I can’t say that I’m a fan of wearing perfume or scented lotions, and don’t have a “signature scent” that I’m aware of. Of course, I fervently wish and hope that I naturally smell good.

When I hug someone who smells especially wonderful, or detect a passerby’s waft of fragrance, I inhale deeply and make a mental note to start wearing perfume. In the past, I’ve included on my long list of New Year’s Resolutions: Wear perfume daily. But, that habit has never stuck, and only intermittently do I spritz myself. My bottles of perfume — consisting of cast-offs from friends and some free samples — are undoubtedly past their prime from sitting neglected for years.


Consistent with myself, I’m also not one for scenting the air in my house. I ignore ads and commercials telling me that I need the latest gimmicky innovation in air fresheners. I’ve had the same can of AirWick Air Freshener (Berry Glade Scent, quite obnoxious) for more than a decade. Other than opening windows whenever weather permits, and being fanatical about running the fan whenever cooking, I don’t concern myself with household smells. However, I used to detect an unpleasant old and musty smell when I walked into my house after it had been closed-up for awhile. But then I remodeled and now it smells like fresh lumber and new paint, at least for awhile. Inevitably, that New House Smell will soon dissipate, just the same as does New Car Smell.

To wrap-up, I’ll just point out that September 29 is National Coffee Day, and coffee is our most recognizable scent (followed by peanut butter, VicksVapoRub, and chocolate). That initial blast of coffee-laden air upon walking into Starbucks or Peet’s is always an exquisite experience, don’t you agree?

[Img.Src: Perfume Atomizer 1914]

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