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Let’s Hear It For Positive Youthful Energy

Ms. Bockle: Having a decades-old career in working with kids, my experiences have been a mixed bag of blessings, but the overall theme is that the innocence, enthusiasm and effervescence of the youth is contagious. For the most part children don’t have some hidden agenda of avarice and greed, nor are they driven by malicious intent or destructive fanaticism –you know, those qualities that seems to plague adults.


From interacting in classroom settings to sports fields, to simple home environments: when I’ve clicked with children the results have been rewarding beyond expectations. Looking back, I can recall uncontrollable laughter and silliness, awesome creativity, overwhelming concern for the plight of the planet, and sweet optimism that solutions to problems will be found.

With some children, it’s a spiral effect: the more I unconditionally accept and respect them, I get the same back, with trust and rapport bouncing back and forth and going round and round. It’s rather like being in a field of positive, joyous energy.

Healthy Tips For Summer

LaFitterina: Summer is HERE and there’s no better time to get in shape than starting right this minute. Here are some tips from my diet guru, Trimm-Way owner Karen Kelley:

ENJOY FOOD BUT EAT LESS: Think before you eat — is it worth the calories? Avoid big portions. Use smaller plates, bowls and glasses. Eat slowly — put your fork on the table between bites. Stop eating before you have that ‘full’ feeling, then wait 20 minutes; you probably won’t feel that you need to eat more.

INCREASE YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL: Exercise is key to weight loss. Do a 15-minute power walk every day. If you already exercise, add 12 minutes at a different time of day to jar the system. Include some resistance training to increase muscle mass to burn more calories.


EAT MORE FIBER: Trader Joe’s fiber muffins have 12g fiber, and apples are also great. Drink lots of water with your high fiber foods, so the pectin and fiber will expand. Eat a small apple with a glass of water 1 hour before going out to eat — you’ll feel less hungry!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. The first bite tastes the same as the last.

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful

Mizzfit: As always, Jane Austen knows what’s what:


[Img.Src: Happy Kids, 1924]

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