Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


A Little TMI Perspiration

Ms. Bockle: As I was driving in 90 degree weather, I noticed that I wet my pants. Perspiration, you know? The backs of my thighs were wet, and so too, were my pants. But no problem, as I was wearing black, and no one would notice.

So that immediately pushed my mind way back to when I was driving a busload of 13 years olds, me being their class teacher, from their school in Botswana on a journey to South Africa—going to the coast, so that we could see the sea.

south_africa_beachBefore the border crossing into S.A., it being hot and all, I noticed that my pants were wet. Same senario as today, with a bit of a difference. I believe the colour of my capris were a sort of taupe, so that when I emerged from the bus, everyone could see two great ovals of wetness going from my backside down to my knees. I’m certain that the sightings of the seaside erased all memory of that episode…

Gotta Get Those New Kicks

LaFitterina: This week I had to buy new workout shoes, which is a chore yet fun at the same time. My quest involved many try-ons, a purchase/return, then finally I settled on:black_reeboks

white_reeboksWhen I first started doing aerobics, I’d do the classes barefoot or in Keds. Then they invented special aerobic shoes! I remember my first pair of white Freestyle Reeboks. The first day I had them, I was mesmerized — their workmanship, their details, and even their smell seemed wondrous — I was so besotted that I took them to bed with me like a teddy bear.

hitop_reebokThen they came out with the High-top model, and I was even more in love — I bought them in white, yellow, and royal blue.

And yet, I didn’t realize the importance of the support that workout shoes provide. Years ago, I tore a tendon in my arch after letting mine get way too old. A painful lesson, requiring surgery that left a 5” scar.

So, let this be an inspiration — Go out and get a new pair of shoes!

Throw Off The Moor-lines Too

St. Swartz:

Mark Twain Quote

Jump Hop Skip Into your Golden Years

Mizzfit: On a run this week I saw a couple of old dudes playing basketball on the park court, and it brought an instant smile. It’s good to see active graybeards as it inspires me to stay fit so I can be mobile like them if I get to that good age. YouTube never disappoints; so my peeps I bring you Uncle Drew. Cheers.


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