Envisioning the Positive

I am not much for New Year’s Resolutions. I used to make them, but I found that as soon as I declared it, a week or two later I broke it. However, for some reason vision boards seem to be a different story for me. I love the process of creating the vision board. I first determine my focus areas, which seem to be similar from year to year. I then look for images or words / phrases that best represent what I want to attract into my life. Once it is assembled then I just check in with it. Either look at it or visualize a portion of it.


This week’s topic is all about renewal, which is the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again. Envisioning that new or fresh state can help get things moving in the right direction. Visualization alone won’t get things done. Taking the steps to reach the goal, even if they are baby steps, while continuing to visualize that positive, is what helps me navigate through my year.

The good news is that renewal or visualization can happen at any time. You don’t need a new year to get started or a vision board to feel the positive effect.

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