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Pope Francis, Welcome! Welcome!

FitnessFlirter: We had some big news this week in the U.S., as Pope Francis has come to visit for the first time. It is amazing to me that Pope Francis, at 78, has moved the Catholic Church forward with messages of acceptance, forgiveness, and love.


While I know that the canonization of Junipero Serra into sainthood is not without controversy, it has given me an opportunity to learn more about him and the California missions. Father Serra had a motto of “Siempre Adelante!” which means keep moving forward! When I think about moving forward – with exercise, work, or life in general – isn’t it so much easier when I am accepting, forgiving, and loving? I don’t think that you need to be Catholic to appreciate that type of movement.

Super Moon, Super Fantabulous

Ms. Bockle: There is going to be a super moon on Sunday– it’s supposed to be about 14% larger. The last time I heard about this happening, 3 years or so ago, I went out and took a bunch of photographs that I shared on FB.

Also heard that there is going to be a lunar eclipse of this super moon right after sunset, say around 7:11PM or so. I’ve never seen one of those, but have heard that it’s special, so am hoping that I’m somewhere outside on Sunday when all this comes together. AND hope to get some photos that are worth sharing.

Thanks, Mr. Franklin

Mizzfit: I came across this quote a couple days ago and it seemed appropriate considering our week’s topic on scheduling. Mr. Franklin is known to have been pretty fanatic about using his time wisely, so I’ll be sure to keep his good words in mind. Cheers to a lovely weekend.


[Img.Src: Pope Francis at US Capitol]

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