My Solutions for Pesky Modern Problems

5 things in this day and age that bug me?

hawaii_square1Top of the list. Intolerance. Have an opinion, a belief in your idea of God, a political bent, you want to be a raw foodie or a gun collecting conspiracy theory hound, that’s kool. What isn’t kool is being intolerant of those who don’t have a likewise way of living, thinking, and worshipping. My kids come home from school and call each other words that we don’t use in this house. A doozy was “faggot”. I lost my damn mind. Teaching tolerance begins in our homes and work and play spaces. Be an example of consideration and tolerance towards all people and the choices they make. Educate yourselves. Find out about why someone believes the way they do. Travel. Open up your mind and your heart.

hawaii_square2Second issue is food sold here in this country but banned in other countries. I read an article about this crazy subject and now have a crazy fear of the FDA. They must be wholly evil! Check out where your food is coming from. Go to and support your local farmers markets. Arm yourself with knowledge. Shit be crazy.


hawaii_square3Third and forth get amassed together. The education system here in ‘Merica needs an overhaul. The health system too. Obamacare is taking a wee bite of a whale of a problem. I have friends that work health care- one friend in particular who talked about how afraid health care workers are of being sued. She won’t pursue a certain speciality because of it’s high numbers in law suits. That’s bananas. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies, oh, and the FDA need to be brought up to snuff too. I haven’t a remedy for that nonsense but if you have medical problems I have two words for you…goo gle. Check out naturopaths, alternative medicine and if that’s not an option then find out what’s the story behind the drugs and treatments you’re being prescribed. And know that doctors and nurses are humans and mistakes will be made.

hawaii_square4The education system here in the U.S. is limping along with no hope. I hear stories of kids in lovely rural towns getting laptops and iPads as help-aids and tools for teachers to get their subject matter across and imprinted on those teenage brains. There is a bit of a disconnect with those schools and teens and their urban counterparts. Schools shouldn’t have to prove they are viable candidates for government funding and subsidies. I believe that the U.S. should stop pouring aid outside of it’s borders and focus within on it’s own neglected citizens.

Wow. Soapbox much?

hawaii_square5Lastly, social media. I have no cure for this malady that has struck the world. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter… to name a few. I haven’t got time for that. And I have a major problem when I’m with friends that instead of connecting with me- are busy on their devices connecting with the interwebs. It’s a time and mind suck. No ways, I think it’s dull ego driven drivel. Put down your phone and talk to me.


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