Enjoying Life’s Simple Things

Ah, the simple things in life . . . Here are 10 simple things that help to super-charge my day:

1.)     Seeing that my weight is the same or less than yesterday according to my 1st-thing-in-the-morning naked interaction with the bathroom scale.

2.)     My home-brewed morning coffee turns out tasting like the best of Starbucks or Peets.

3.)     Getting to my Gym before they shut the free coffee/tea bar (11:30 AM), scoring some healthy TAZO green tea with almond milk and/or soy milk. Let me say that I’m euphoric when I’ve beaten the clock — it’s the perfect set-up for a great workout!

4.)     When I check the Dow Jones Average, it’s UP for the day.


5.)     Being validated by getting compliments. And giving compliments.

6.)     Any kind of amazing bargain when I’m shopping.

7.)     That exquisite blast of coffee-laden air when I walk into Starbucks or Peet’s.


8.)     My FitBit pedometer signals “10,000 Steps” before the end of the day.


9.)     That warm feeling of being loved (or at least tolerated) when my cat jumps on my bed and cuddles up with me.


10.)     And best of all, getting motivated by reading MoveGirlGO.

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