That’s the Way Love Goes

For this week’s subject of things we LOVE and things we USED TO LOVE, I’m flummoxed. The latter brings to mind nothing except a few ex-boyfriends and I don’t really want to elaborate. And as to current LOVES, I just can’t think of much of anything that evokes my unconditional love. But, I did think of some things that evoke LOVE/HATE feelings (in no particular order):


Earth, Etc. — Mother Earth, our Atmosphere and all that surrounds us are astonishing, especially when I take the time to think deeply about such things. But, when I think about the ruination that’s occurring, my loving thoughts are replaced with anger and frustration.

Myself — I appreciate all my component parts, thoughts, emotions, senses, etc., without which I wouldn’t be able to write about my loves. But, when I think about the ruination that’s occurring . . . (see above).

Other People — People around me have abundant love and compassion, and my challenge is to reflect back that same level of love and compassion.

Pallorina Princess Ghost Kittie — My fluffy feline companion is stoic and tolerant, and I’m privileged that she chose me for the honor of providing her with food and creature comforts. However, she does have claws and flaws which get in the way of her being perfect.

Money — As long as I can remember, I’ve had a love affair with money and I can’t seem to help it. But it’s evil, definitely.

Working Out — It can be a blast but can also be a burdensome chore — I guess that’s why we refer to it as ‘working’.

Food/Eating — My mind struggles with its love for yummy food versus wanting to think of food as evil, wanting to eat less, and wanting lose weight.

My Car — It’s indispensable and one of my nicest possessions, yet it’s a too big and unwieldy to drive and I go absolutely berserk when it breaks down (last week the ignition battery died, causing me to have a quasi-nervous breakdown).

Shopping — There are so many things to love about shopping while at the same time I’m trying to cut back on possessions. I’d like to kick my acquisition addiction, but sometimes I just have to go to Nordstrom to check out the displays and new fashions, and to breathe that ‘new clothes’ smell that floats around like the smell of sugar in a bakery.

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