Celebrate your Summer Body

I’m all about getting ready for the approaching Summer — I’m liking all the hype about getting your body ready, blasting your booty into bikini-worthy shape, sweating now in preparation for sunning on the beach. Don’t fight the hype!

My dietician, Karen Kelley of Trimm-Way ran an ad promoting her-6-week program with the tagline ‘Be 5 to 10 pounds thinner by the first day of Summer and have the Best Summer Ever!’. She’s appealing to people who realize how much better it is to feel comfortable with their body. Losing weight can translate to gaining confidence, enabling you to put on skimpy clothing and get out there where the fun is. Karen also makes the point that Summer is a great time to eat lighter and healthier, embracing the abundant seasonal fruits and veggies. And, if you’re more balanced in your food, you’ll have more energy to do all the activities that Summer offers.


To be honest, I love any excuse to embark on any sort of body improvement. There’s a new class I’m taking at my Club focusing on Squats and Lunges — the teacher promised we’d have better booties after 6 classes, and he was right — I actually did notice better tone. And there’s another new pre-Summer class they’ve added: 1/2 hour of Core Workout, which induces soreness for days thereafter, especially right below my rib-cage. “Working It” is definitely working.

If you embrace the current pre-Summer season as an opportunity to start working out more / eating less / losing weight / toning up, you will receive a wonderful reward this Summer: You’ll get to confidently display your healthy body, scantily clad, and frolicking around. Of course, the point is not to be able to parade around in swimwear all Summer, but any reason to amp-up exercise routines and eat healthier gets my vote — it’s totally worthwhile, count me in! Celebrate your body.

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