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Any Excuse for Imbibing Chocolate…

LaFitterina: Speaking of post-workout food recommendations, as we were this week, how about some yummy chocolate milk?! choc_milkChocolate milk is the latest craze in post-workout snacks, even over water and sports drinks. That’s because it has everything you need in one glass: carbs and protein for muscle recovery, water to replace the fluids lost as sweat, and calcium, sodium and sugar — all ingredients that help you recover faster, resupply water, and regain energy. choc_milk2Ready to switch your bottled water for chocolate milk? Assess your workout level first. A drink like chocolate milk is most useful for long-distance running or sports requiring high endurance levels and constant, sustained movement. Got milk, anyone?

Take a Number…

Ms. Bockle: For those days when aches & pains try to rule your mind, fight back with Ms. Jackie Joyner-Kersee. jackiejoynerkersee_quote

3 Cheers for a Strong Finish

Mizzfit:  In the 1948 Olympics in London, the winning time for the men’s marathon was 2:34:51 compared to the 2012 time of 2:03:38. Have to remember that they had terrible running shoes then with no support or cushioning – ouch. And this was 36 years before a women’s marathon was allowed in the Olympics of 1984 in Los Angeles – the best time then was 2:24:52, and in 2012 it was 2:23:07. Anyways, forget the numbers, and watch these dudes battle it out, cheers!


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