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Transforming the Old

Ms. Bockle: One rather enjoyable activity I engaged in during one of the very first days of 2017 was cutting up last year’s calendar.


I didn’t cut up the pages in a fit of rage; no bitterness or nasty memories entered into the destruction of the calendar. Rather, it was a thoughtful way of using each picture from each month in a creative way–forming note, greeting and gift cards. Some pictures were big enough to make big envelopes of file folders: it was the way the calendar was formatted. As I cut up the different shapes I realized how therapeutic the process was–taking the remains of a decidedly dreadful year and transforming them into vehicles of various ways for me to communicate with friends and family in the next few months.

Thanks, Mr. Lewis

Mizzfit: So, here ends our first week of 2017. We hope it has started well for you, and that we all come closer to meeting our goals and aspirations. I don’t know about you but there are some definite bad habits I’d like to lose this year, kick those babies to the curb. And as always, I’m inspired by an apt quote, this one from W. M. Lewis. Cheers to the next few days where we get more of life sorted…


[Img.Src: Eubank Machinery Company, 1913 Calendar]

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