2016 – Let’s Keep Moving

2015 was a wonderful year of transition for me. I was able to get moving and most importantly stay moving. Over our holiday break I did partake the normal indulgences – special nibbles, holiday cookies, and of course champagne. I sprinkled in a few workouts, but not my usual 4 to 5 a week regular routine. It felt good to sleep and socialize a little more, instead of peddling away at cycle class.


As I think about 2016, I am filled with hope and anticipation for the upcoming year. A new year offers a new beginning or a clean slate. It is the perfect time to start a project or to build a new habit. This year I want to continue to build on what I have already started in 2015 – keep moving my body while expanding my mind and spirit. I am hopeful that this year will bring more joy, kindness, and gratitude. I am looking forward to the journey, as that usually is where I learn the most.

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