Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Corporate Inspiration

LaFitterina: This week, I was on the lookout for inspiration offered by athletic apparel companies.

First and foremost is Nike with their famous ‘Just Do It.’ I recently spied this funnily rebellious version on a T-shirt: ‘Just Did It.’

Lululemon is overdosed with inspiration. Their slogan “Make it happen/DO IT NOW” sorta sounds like Nike. Their website offers instructions and worksheets on setting your vision and goals and tells you to ask questions like “Who do you really want to be?” Their shopping bags are emblazoned with inspirational sayings.


Prana (Yoga Clothes With A Conscience!) — says “Together, we can and do make a difference.” Prana claims “Our customers are fun-loving, soulful people who travel well, play hard and care about the impact they have on the world around them” which makes me wonder how they know this AND makes me want to buy their brand just to prove them wrong.

Athleta (Gap Subsidiary) — “Harness the energy you’ve been building all winter and let it out” – sounds good, doesn’t make sense (to me, anyway).

Aspire (Sports Authority) – “Aspire to be comfortable in your own skin, to be brilliant in any light, to push further and aim higher, ASPIRE TO BE YOU.”

It’s surely not a bad thing to be finding inspiration in our clothing, and in all else that surrounds us.

Serious Collecting Mojo

Mizzfit: To go along with our week of collections I’m sharing a YouTube video of a serious Hot Toys collection. I didn’t even know such life-like toys existed, but this peep sure loves them. Check it out to see some serious collecting mojo going on!

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