The Power of Love


Walking my dog in the early ams. It’s still dark, and the streets and sidewalks are mostly empty. We even like the park, the trees are darker silhouettes, the birds beginning to stir and sing in the dawn.

Sweats. I can’t wait to shuck off the jeans and be in the flat in my worn out soft slubby sweats. Walking home from school I think about them waiting for me in the dresser drawer. Yes, I fantasize about being in my sweats.

The kindle. I’m on my 3rd. I love it. I still love books but the kindle is magical. Tap a word and a dictionary page will appear with definitions and pronunciations- awesome!

Essential oils and carrier oils. I like jojoba and avocado oil for carrier/base oil. I love rose absolute and patchouli for my scent. I like to chuck lavender oil in the diffuser to calm the boys- other blends help with panic/anxiety that I like to use in the home too.

My family is the ‘tops’. My husband and my two boys are my favourites over all. I love their faces, their smiles and laughter.


Perfume- I used to love both perfume and cologne. Now I can’t abide either. I also have to use unscented detergents too. It’s so strange as I used to love my clothes ‘smelling clean’.

And that’s all I came up with for used to must haves. I thought hard on this all week. And I don’t have anything else to list. Sorry for that!

[Img.Src: British woman with dogs, frog with perfume]

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