Positive Methods of Exercise

At this time of year, I’m betting that 99% of our readers are renewing their vows to maintain a committed, consistent workout regimen. Let’s all remember that positivity is key! It’s essential to find something that’s enjoyable/fun and makes you want to keep coming back.

I try to make my exercise schedule into an enticing potpourri that I look forward to. The week starts with classes that I especially love: Pilates on Mondays, taught by a Prima Ballerina and Bollywood on Tuesdays, taught by Satish.

To keep up the positive momentum, there’s a mid-week Cardio-Sculpting class, and/or some on-my-own workouts to build muscles and core.

Then, the week ends with Barre Class (Saturday) and Zumba (Sunday).

barre_zumba_classesIn order to stay positive, I think it’s important to change things up. I discovered a new method of exercise that’s recently piqued my interest — called Battle Ropes — and I’ll elaborate about that in a future post. Also, I’ve added something new to my cool-down routine by using textured foam rollers to help with stretching.

To wrap up: Find an exercise routine that brings you joy, look for positive incentives to keep you moving, and click on MoveGirlGO when you need a jolt of motivation.

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