318.9 Million Procrastinators


Hmm, a nation of procrasters, and I fit right in, snuggled with the rest of humanity, it seems.


If I had a solution for preventing procrastination, then I wouldn’t be here, sitting at the computer on the night before my post is due. However, let me hasten to say that I enjoy pondering each post and how to approach it, making mental notes along the way until it’s time to put pen to paper (so to speak).

Someone pointed out to me decades ago that I always find time to do the things that I like. However, there are some falsehoods cluttering up that statement. For instance, I will pull weeds, clean toilets, chop onions, do the laundry, etc.–before getting engaged in a creative art project. There is no way that I like those housekeeping tasks over the pursuit of painting.

So now comes the question: why do I procrastinate, put off doing the dozens of art projects on my drawing board? The visiting of galleries? Am I somewhat lacking in passion for expressing myself through art?

Do I procrastinate going to work? Showing up on time? Going the extra mile to please my employers? No to all of those probing questions. So, the procrastination that I’m suffering from is due to my own goals, dreams and desires. I’m putting off achieving my own heart-felt aspirations, but why?

Is it because it’s easier to punch a time clock, pull weeds and dust than to apply paint in a coherent manner? Am I fearful that the ‘professionals’ will find me lacking in artistic talent? Maybe…

Getting down to the nitty gritty really personal level, I’ve got an idea for a children’s picture book. But I’ve yet to even start the first page. I think it’s a fear of failure. If I don’t draw those images, write the script, do the research, then I’ll never have to have my picture book rejected. So the project stays in my mind, filled with promise and the excitement of being brought to life.

Maybe the writing of this will be my solution. Perhaps now I can come face to face with the mother of procrastination and say STAND BACK! I’m devoting my days, right this moment, to pursuing my heart’s desire: Back off, and let me get on with my dream.

I alone am in charge of my hours; let me free myself from doubts and the quagmire of procrastination and get on with life.

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