Let’s Have a Great Summer

This week’s trend of the strawberry moon has been a topic of discussion this week. It also happens to be national zoo and aquarium month. I am going to take this as a sign that it will be a fantastic summer.



When I was a kid my summers were filled with camping, waterskiing, and family vacations exploring various nationally significant locations. I remember being in awe with the Grand Canyon, feeling the formality of the White House, and loving the beauty of Yellowstone National Park. I think that our visit to New York City, when I was 12, made the most impact on me. I continue to have a secret love affair with that city. The excitement of Broadway, the amazing restaurants, and fabulous shopping continue to draw me in.

This summer will bring a few long weekend trips, lazy days by the pool, and some hike time with the dog. The summer of 2016… it will be a great summer, I can feel it!

[Img.Src: Kirk Kove Ski Pyramid, 1960s]

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