My Bad Habits Don’t Get in the Way

It’s time to figure out whether I’ve got some bad habits that might interfere with my workouts, moods, or feelings. My first inclination is to protest that I can’t think of any such bad habits.

However, after pausing and Googling “Worst Bad Habits,” I see that there are many lists which include procrastination, laziness, over-eating sweets, and chewing fingernails — and, I’m guilty of all those things. Yes, I’m definitely prone to maintain lengthy TO-DO lists in lieu of actually working on tasks-at-hand. Yes, I’m addicted to binge-watching TV for 1/3 (or thereabouts) of my waking hours. Yes, I dream of eating ice cream and other sweets almost 24/7. And yes, since adolescence I’ve chewed my nails (cuticles).


But, I view these bad habits of mine as rather minor. They’re more like endearing character defects. I don’t believe I let them prevent me from optimizing my healthy/fit existence. To prove this theory, today I protracted my workout from the original plan of doing a Zumba Class, to include:

Warm-up on Treadmill – 12 min.
Zumba – 60 min.
More Treadmill – 18 min.
Battle Ropes – 20 min.
Abs. – 20 min.
Stretch – 20 min.
More Treadmill – 30 min.

I really can’t believe I spent 3 hours working out at the gym. A substantial rush of endorphins resulted, triggering a positive “buzzed” feeling, making me euphoric. I still feel a little giddy, some hours later. What a great day — inspired by my having to prove that my bad habits don’t get in the way of working out and feeling good.

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