Running Route Need Zest…?

Along with finding out what motivates us to keep moving we are also exhorted to use different types of movement in order to keep the body on its toes. Can’t let those muscles get bored or used to the same thing week after week, that leads to fatigue and ennui. So, this week we’ll be sharing what new tricks we’re using to enhance our workouts, and why it was necessary to implement a little boost to our movement.


I’ve found that it’s all well and good to say that I run because it makes my day better, but that doesn’t keep me from being bored with the routes I repeatedly run along. Sheesh, a girl can get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. And yes, I’ve come up with new routes, but there are only so many places to go in our neighborhood. And no, I haven’t resorted to driving to find new running paths. So – what does a bored girl do?

She slacks off is what she does, alas, until she misses the routine of running and gets back into her gear. Is there a trick to avoiding route-boredom? Yes, but it’s the same trick one uses when taking bitter medicine, or sitting in traffic on the way to the beach, or having to go through airport security — that adult trick of realizing this is it, life, novelty isn’t around every corner, uncomfortable situations don’t last forever, and sometimes to feel zest on an old route a girl, I mean woman, needs the trick of speed intervals to feel new.

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