Choose Thigh Muscles for Spring

Ode to my body parts

How do you cause me grief?
Let me count the ways:
Yow, my left foot burns,
Argh, my arm flab wobbles too and fro–
Oh, and that stiff neck needs a cushion
from all its turns.
Where did that big gut come from,
and what’s up with all those rolls?
I must strengthen my core before
I lose my balance once more.
And ooh, my back!
Give me a break:
and some Alleve
for my knees
They give out without notice,
Quick! Give me a poultice.

Wait a minute.

Shoulders back
don’t give up,
choose a muscle group
and work work work
at getting those THIGH muscles
engaging, panting and groaning.
Don’t give up,
it’s okay to carry on
with all your moaning–
Climb those stairs.
Take deep breaths,
Tighten up and keep going.

Cottage cheesey thighs
will soon give way
to definition and strength:
Those hills, vales and steep
mountain paths
will see my feet
upon them, at last.


Well, to put it all into prose: I have a lot of body parts that need work this Spring, but have chosen the THIGH muscles to focus on. It’s my wobbly thighs that have kept me from appearing in public in my swimming gear. I’ve learnt that this HUGE MUSCLE from my knee to my groin, if engaged in a consistent manner, can make walking, climbing, and even swimming in public, a most pleasurable activity.

[Img.Src: Women’s Swimsuits, 1914]

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