Positive Mindset – It’s an Inside Job

When I think about my overall well-being, right away I think of my body – keeping it healthy & fit. However, my mind or mindset, is probably even more important. My ability to stay positive, see the bright side of things, and believe in myself can make my body feel even better. Here are a few things that I do to keep my mindset positive:

1) Daily Gratitude — starting my day identifying the things that I am most grateful for gives my heart a boost. I can actually feel love radiate from my heart chakra. It is a powerful way to start my day.

2) I am — I use “I am” statements to help fill myself up throughout the day. This week some of my favorites have been, “I am grateful for my job.” “I am worthy of a loving relationship.” “I am loved.” I especially use them when I am feeling insecure or weak (fake it until you make it).

3) Smile — it is true, smiling is contagious. And so is kindness. A smile is so easy and the offer to help someone, even if it’s minor, is even better. I find that I am getting more out of it than the receiver. Spreading the kindness- that has to be good, right?

Keeping positive has helped me time and time again. Hopefully it will help you too!

[Img.Src: Heart anatomy, 1850.]

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