Gotta Keep Moving, No Quitting

There are times when I’ve managed to get myself to the gym and I’ve started the workout that I planned beforehand in my head, but it’s not feeling so good. The instructor is kinda crummy, the temperature is stifling, my knee has a bit of a twinge . . . and suddenly my mind/body has completely forgotten what a great feeling it is to exercise and instead I start wanting to just call it off — telling myself that I’m not really ‘giving up’, but just need a break to give myself a rest. . .

goforhalfhourFor me, this faltering can occur in the first half hour of a workout, but rarely after that. So, let’s make that Rule #1 – No fair quitting in the 1st half hour. Just stick it out for at least that long. You can even watch the clock/count the minutes, but in all likelihood you’ll forget about quitting.


coffeerunningWhen my body really does need an energy boost, something that works for me is to go to Starbucks, but the catch is that I must power-walk there (or your choice: jog/run/bike), and then continue working out while enjoying my coffee.

Of course, workouts on the treadmill/elliptical/stationary bike always go much longer with a good book/TV show, or conversing with the person next to you, or listening to music with an inspiring beat. Even swimmers can do their laps with waterproofed iPods! Let’s hear it for the power of ‘multi-tasking’!

Don’t forget that MoveGirlGO is your go-to resource for motivation, advice, and overcoming obstacles. We do our best to provide tips to help you, or at least help you to figure out what works for you so you’ll develop your own individual motivators.

monkey_words_comboHow about a couple of cheers to keep you sweating:
Work your booty, kick some butt, don’t stop ‘til you drop – Move (clap) Girl (clap) GO!
Energy Flagging? Spirit Sagging? Never Fear – MoveGirlGO is here!




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