Adapting to Changing Situations

Is there anything I’ve learnt about myself this year? Have the past 12 months yielded any insights into my psyche? Maturing, changing, meeting goals, accomplishing intentions, and getting control of gut-reactions would be great.

Well, strike maturing off the list; maturity is overrated, anyway. As to the rest, I’d like to strike a positive note, well before I get to strike three.

This year has been awesome as far as experiencing new work situations, making new friends, reaching out to gain further employment, and—consequently—adapting to new work environments, and then dealing with the disappointment of not reaching certain employment goals. I’ve been turned down before; am I handling disappointment any better now, 3 decades later?

Rejection used to mean that I shriveled up, gave up, accepted defeat and embraced my no-good self with heaping doses of self-pity. And now? Have I learnt how to deal with loss, or will I let it slay me again?


Not me, man. You know what they say about a door closing? Open it; doors close—that’s what they do, so twist that knob and start again.

I’ve always been a champion of change and choices—the crucial deal for me is to keep confident in my skills and recognize my talents, instead of focusing on the myriad number of weaknesses and flaws—that of course everyone else is zoning in on. The reality is: no one is thinking about me and my foibles, since THEY’VE moved on. It’s time for me to move on as well. Move on, move up and move about.

Take this—or any so-called rejection—as an opportunity to explore avenues that I’ve been curious about. Now I just might be forced to discover aims, goals and dreams that have been dormant and just waiting for a chance to emerge.


I’ve been mentally making lists of things to do, places to go, people to meet, articles to read: all to prepare me for a new life of fulfillment.

Will I get stymied? Get discouraged? Become lethargic? Have bad days where nothing goes right? I can count on all of the above. But I’m still excited to be doing something new. Sometimes change is pretty shitty. But I’m turning into a dung beetle.

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