Mild & Memorable Adventures

Wild and crazy adventures? In my life? Nope, can’t think of any. I guess I have a low threshold for Wild, probably directly related to my low Fun Quotient.

woman_waterskiing_skiing_motorcyclingThinking back, a few incidents come to mind but I don’t think they qualify as adventures. I went water skiing at Tahoe, and after a number of passes without success, the people driving the boat gave up and were nice enough to inform me that they’d never before encountered a person unable to get up on two skis. Also tried snow skiing at Tahoe — first, I had to master how to get on the ski-lift which was not as easy you might think, and then after many attempts I made it down the bunny hill without falling down, declared victory and didn’t go back.

I once ran a 5K race and came in dead last — they were dismantling the finish-line markers before I crossed it (well, there’s always somebody who comes in last). Maybe this counts: I’ve ridden on the back of motorcycles, including Harleys. Also, I’ve eaten raw egg whites without incident (for example, beaten with banana & sweetener, very yum).

Big Surprise, I don’t have a ‘bucket-list’ (mine would be more of a ‘thimble-list”). Nevertheless, here are some adventures that I have thought about, but which have close to 0% chance of happening:

  • Buy an open-ended ticket to fly around the world, stopping wherever I want, taking as long as I want. . .
  • Drive across the U.S., meandering through parks, landmarks, etc., and visiting friends along the way. . .
  • Tour Europe, including stops in the hamlet of Heinbockel, Germany, and other places reflecting my heritage. . .

That’s all that my risk-averse brain will allow for now, and my head is starting to hurt, so I’d better calm myself down and return to my ho-hum existence which suits me just fine!

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