What’s New for the Finale of 2016?

One topic we enjoy doing repeats of on this site is the addition of new challenges to our workout regimens. And this week we’re sharing what’s new for these last few weeks of 2016. We’ll also be covering if stress interferes with our activity level, i.e. slaying us, or are we able to use up that hectic bad energy while working out. Stay tuned…


This year I chose a work gig over running a veterans day race, which yes is sad – but that’s what a girl has to do sometimes. I also am not at the same running capability that I was last year, yes, also sad. However, there’s no time for any more slacking off as I have a Turkey Trot to vanquish. So, my fitness goals are to get my butt running more, and to add strength training.

We all have our ups and downs with exercising, and it’s hard to stay consistent – well, it is for me, maybe not you, lucky fish. To combat the stress of holidays and life in general, I need to be more flexible — mentally and physically. And I’ve heard that yoga is great for both, calming the mind and lengthening the muscles: just what a girl needs.

And that’s what I have planned for these last few weeks of 2016 — a focus on strength and flexibility, and the slaying of stress by working hard. Hope you too have an outlet for any anxious energies inhibiting your flow.

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