Go Wild for Summer Adventures

Recalling past Summers is a good way to lift our spirits. How dreamy to let our memory banks spill over with images of lazing around, minimal clothing and minimal responsibilities!

African Animals VintageIf we’re talking about Summer adventures, I like to think back to years ago when I traveled to Zimbabwe soon after it stopped being Rhodesia and prior to it becoming what it is today. I joined my sister and her family for a 3-week roadtrip criss-crossing the country to see Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Ruins, Bulawayo, and various game parks. Animal sightings included Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Monkeys, Baboons, Water Buffalo, Warthogs, Rock Rabbits, and many deer-like creatures (antelopes) ranging from the tiny Dik-dik to the impressive Kudu (my favorite).

It’s thrilling to recall being in Africa, but so far I’ve left all the other continents unexplored, and everyone says (including my inner voice) that I should propel myself to venture to Europe and beyond. Renoir - The Large BathersThat being said, the only adventurous outing I’ve got planned for this Summer involves just a couple hours of driving as opposed to hours of flying:  a 3-day stay at a clothing-optional hot springs resort (!) For sure, this will require a peak state of fitness and skinny-ness, and an air-brush spray tan beforehand (and a bikini wax, or maybe that is too much information).

Let’s cool things down and talk about beat-the-heat healthy treats. 1st idea:  Try putting your container of yogurt in the freezer for awhile before eating.  2nd idea:  Make sugar-free jello — quick-set method with just 6 oz or less of ice — and add a container of flavored yogurt, 1/2 banana, and (optional) 2 to 3 T fat-free sour cream. Mix until creamy using a mixer, blender, or immersion blender. Refrigerate until set.  Enjoy a lo-cal Summer!


[vintage images source: http://vintageprintable.com/  Renoir: http://www.philamuseum.org/]

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