One More Choice to Make

During the average day a person can make between zero to 2500 choices – ranging from momentous to mundane, including choosing to make up a fact, like I just did. Does every choice count towards the shaping of our lives? Why are some choices so easy to make, while others leave us stymied and confused? This week we share 5 recent choices that we are happy we made.

Mizzfit’s Top 5 2016 Choices

1. 100 Days Endeavour
This is my second year to try out this project. Inspired by Franklin Roosevelt’s first 100 days in office, I see how much I get done, or don’t get done. It makes me evaluate how I waste time as I keep track of every little thing. Best thing about this project is the art-page I do every day, a record of my fluctuating moods.


2. A Summer of Smoothies
Yes, the blending continues. This experiment has me looking at fruit differently – which combinations would be tasty and healthy. My results have been all over the map, from duds to delicious. It’s a morning choice I am happy to make, I enjoy the suspense of not knowing how each one will turn out.

3. Volunteering at the VA
I was asked recently if being around disabled or bedridden veterans is tough on the psyche. To which I replied that actually the opposite happens. Take nothing for granted, enjoy your healthy able-bodied self, choose to be positive every single day, and to always always appreciate the hard work of nurses.

4. Going to the Beach
When times are tough I head to the coast. If my head’s in a muddle, being by the ocean clears up the haze. Sand, sun, seals and sandwiches – an easy choice.


5. Keeping an Art Journal
So far I’ve filled 3 this year – and I don’t see any sign of stopping. Writing helps me understand life, but only a little. The art side is easy: hand-lettering overheard tidbits, using washi tape, adding tip-ins. It’s a place to see where every choice counts.


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