Energy Levels—High, Low & Ho Hum

My energy levels are totally inconsistent, but one thing that I’m loathe to admit—as far as the cause of low energy—would be the number of years I’ve spent on the planet. In fact, just the other day I was patting myself on the back that I’m working harder, with longer hours now than at any other time in my life. I’ve discovered resources lurking within that have come to the fore just at those moments when I feel like I can’t move another step, can’t stay awake another hour. Alas, it’s the making of money that motivates me to work 12 hour days.

However, aside from the desire for more bucks, the sheer joy of movement without pain motivates me to keep on taking more and more steps. There are warning bells going off at regular intervals, along with constant reminders of what would occur if one ceased to move: muscles would atrophy and even more flab would appear.


A huge energy source for me would be sleep. Fueled up with 7 or 8 hours, and I’m leaping out of bed, ready to tackle unlimited projects. Sleep deprivation over a number of days? Never mind energy levels being low: my sense of humor is gone and I am one cranky granny.

I do find that I’m more energetic in the mornings: Yep! One of those annoying ‘morning’ people—even chirpy BEFORE my morning tea. Then I find myself lagging at around 2 or 3PM, but have experienced the ‘second wind’, when—after 3 dozen yawnings—suddenly, fortified by a snack of fruit, nuts and yoghurt–can sweep floors, clean bathrooms, feed cats, or give an art lesson.

I’ve also seen in my own life that I’m kind of an impatient person. If I feel uninspired, or a bit of tiredness, or a pain in my left foot, I want it gone, and I want it gone NOW. I want my energy levels to always be at their highest—to help me meet or overcome whatever challenges or obstacles come my way. I need energy and I need it NOW.

I didn’t mention PEOPLE before, but I must, before I come to an end. It’s people who give me energy when I’m at a loss. It’s the camaraderie, the support, love, understanding, encouragement, forgiving, caring, sharing a good laugh or memory—my circle of friends and family all striving together (and separately) to keep on doing more than just surviving.

We’re flourishing. And we are not alone, dammit.

[Img.Src: Edouard Vuillard – In Bed, 1891]

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