Oh, the Travel Possibilities

I love thinking about vacations I should take before it’s too late, i.e., before I lose my functionality/ability to perform the activities of daily living (ADLs in healthcare parlance).

There are so many possibilities, so many places I haven’t been to, since my travels thus far have been so limited. To narrow down the choices to a single place, I have to say my preferences would be a tropical/ocean-front vacation, not up-scale but not without amenities, and ability to communicate in English. But still the possibilities are endless, and I guess if I’m forced to choose, then a good candidate is Spain. Various friends have recommended Barcelona. I like that it is cheap and would give me a chance to revive my high school Spanish classes.

But . . . then . . . when I started trying to flesh out the details of that plan, the Internet totally distracted me and sent me in an unexpected direction, as it usually does. So, it turns out my fantasy vacation destination is Holland, with accommodations in an 18th century townhouse in charming Leiden.

What a surprise — I’m very excited! I’ll send you a postcard!

[Img.Src: Barcelona. Hogewoerd, Leiden.]

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