Ready for the New Year?


This year is inching toward its expiration date and like everyone else on the planet I’m driven to contemplate 2014, and hope I’ve finished all I set out to do over these 365 days. To prepare for the birthing of the new year I’ve been going through my 5-step plan to usher out the old one with as much goodwill as possible. In order to feel happy with the ending of one year and ready myself for the new year here’s what I get up to in the final few days of December:

1.   Go through drawers, cabinets and filing systems and sort out all my papers. Even though most of our lives are e-based these days there’s still an annoying amount of paper nonsense to deal with. I keep only what’s necessary and everything else is either recycled or shredded to the tune of 3 bags worth. Ridiculous, but satisfying.

2.   Finish as many creative projects as possible in order to make way for a new batch. Make peace with all the ones I didn’t complete, and leave them on the list, sigh.

3.   Clean out files and folders on the computer, and trash anything that is of no use or that is duplicated. This we do all the time but a big sweep can always unearth files lurking around, being shifty and generally getting up to no good.

4.   Clear out fridge and pantry of anything on its last legs and make a grocery run to fill shelves with healthy and tasty munchables.

5.   Do one last sort through of all my books and if I haven’t cracked the spine open on them in a year – decide if they stay, or go.

Once I’ve finished my 5-step sweep out I’m ready to meet the new year with bells on. What do you do to get ready for the next 12 months?

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