Inspiration/Perspiration Friday


Finding Humor Wherever Possible

Ms. Bockle: The last couple days I’ve subbed in an art class, and I get so juiced from the invigorating experience of working with kids: demonstrating different techniques, cracking jokes, seeing them working and putting effort into their projects, calling for 5 minutes of silent art (and seeing it work!), and at the end of the period they’re asking if they can finish it the next time, or better yet–take it home to work on it!

I found out long ago and far away that working with kids gave me energy–and here’s hoping that it was reciprocal! It’s the same sort of feeling of optimism, confidence and zest for living I get after a good long hike along a trail, a workout in the garden or at the gym–I’ll be strutting around: I can do this!!

I was already in a great mood when I went to the loo, when the notice on the wall made me laugh out loud: great to work in a place where people have a sense of humour!


Got To Meet a Future President!

LaFitterina: Yesterday I visited my High School alma mater, Fremont High in Oakland, to help present a check for $4,150 — raised in connection with our recent Class Reunion. Upon arrival, along with one of my Classmates, Phil, we were enthusiastically greeted by kids who were part of their Leadership Class. It was truly invigorating to see how they are thriving. The girl shown in the picture accepting the check told us that she will be running for U.S. President (and we agreed this would be a big improvement over the current slate).

This experience really charged my batteries, making me so much more hopeful about the upcoming generation.


Thanks, Jimmy

Mizzfit: Our Holiday Break is nearly here, so to inspire everyone to jump into the mood I’m, yes, sharing a YouTube video from Jimmy Fallon – redoing popular songs into holiday tunes, Enjoy!

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