Meanwhile, Drink Lots of Water.

Water is a wonderful thing, in all its many forms! Hydrates us, cleans us, cools us, provides recreation. It’s beautiful to gaze at. We photograph, draw, and paint it. It grows our plants, enabling photosynthesis, which cleans up our atmosphere of carbon dioxide, and feeds us. The list goes on and on.

Best of all, for us weight-conscious dieters, water has zero calories! I love gulping down glasses of water. Besides making me feel good, it kills my appetite and increases the likelihood that today will be a weight-loss day.

We take for granted that clean water will flow whenever we turn on the tap or flush. But, wait, that’s not true for everyone. Fresh water supplies are inadequate for our poor overpopulated planet.


And, the future looks dire for us, water-wise. It seems like we’re entering a new era in which water is becoming a big worry. Global warming will result in coastline areas being flooded, displacing populations — picture billions of refugees, worst case. Salt water will ruin farmlands and taint our fresh water. “Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.”

And, this is predicted to happen at about the same time as we run out of oil reserves.

And, the world’s population is growing alarmingly. There already are more people than poor Mother Earth can sustain.

What’s worse, there’s no solution in place, and we may be past the point of doing anything to reverse the trends. Our current measures to conserve water and ‘save the environment’ amount to nothing. It’s even less likely that humankind can solve the tricky problem of drastically curbing the world’s birthrate — people will not stop having babies. Let’s just say the population bomb has detonated and the drive to procreate will be our doom.

Meanwhile, drink lots of water.

[Img.Src: Galileo’s Earth. Drinking Glass. Faucet.]

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