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$3K Worth of Modern Science

LaFitterina: I broke my toe last year, and a recent follow-up x-ray showed that it’s still broken. So, I visited a podiatrist and he prescribed a bone stimulator, which promotes growth of bone cells. My new best friend is the Exogen Bone Stimulator Ultra Sound Machine. This little gadget retails for about $3K, but my co-pay is ‘only’ $550. It comes with a money-back guarantee that it will work. For 20 minutes each day for the next 3 months (or more) I’ll be strapping on this baby, and hoping for the miracle cure as promised.


Let’s give a shout-out for modern science!

Imgaine Your Way to Boldness

Ms. Bockle: Every time I hear John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” it strikes a new urgency in me to live it, so thought it would be worthwhile sharing. What Lennon suggests in IMAGINE might seem airy fairy and wistful thinking, but it’s actually one of the more bold and useful propositions around. So, here is the song with the lyrics on video:

Close Encounters of the Bold Kind

Mizzfit: In this quote, Mr. Rilke appears to be saying we need to be ready for anything – even, that we must imagine our lives as boldly as we can, we are the ones who limit our lives. Cheers to an enjoyable Easter weekend, my peeps!


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