Renewal. What a Timely Topic.

Before yesterday, I was all set to speak about a new desire I’ve acquired of ridding my home of unwanted, unused and uninspired items—from shoes to obsolete plastic refuse. Thus, my renewal would be based on recycling, repossessing, reducing, and stuff like that. That endeavour is still on the cards, but the deck has been shuffled.

questions_renewal_bockleSuch is the quirk of fate, that this week I come head-on, right up in my face with choices to make, and in short order. My very lucrative nanny job is coming to an end in about 4 weeks, and I’ve got to figure out how to make a living. In the morning of the day I was given notice, I was joking with a friend of mine, that at my stage in life, one should not have to even think about addressing the need for employment. But here I am, so glad that I kept all my notes on producing a stellar resume.

But hold it. Do I want to rush into the very next available position? How about my quality of life? In the time I’ve got left, should my next job be based upon not just the monetary gains, but the stimulus to my inner person? In this ripe old age, shouldn’t I be able to figure out how to make the most bucks doing something that gives me the utmost joy? (Same with any age, actually, right?)

In my past life I’ve had joy through my career, and it’s time to aim for joy once again. So now through this loss of a job comes a renewal of purpose: Without compromising standards, values and meaning, I need to get a job that gives fulfillment to my needs for creativity, calculations, productivity, challenges, not to mention pleasure, humor and immense joy.

Who knew that losing a job could result in such a great feeling of freedom? No restraints. No rules. No prescribed pathways leading to monotony. Move. Think. Re-invent. Re-NEW.

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