Tidbits for your Thanksgiving

After a few days of dos and don’ts I think we’ve covered as many angles of the Thanksgiving holiday as we can, so today I offer up a series of links to hopefully add new dimension to the upcoming 4-day weekend. Cheers.


New Recipe?

If you want to try out a new Thanksgiving recipe with origins in Alabama, Arizona or Louisiana or any other state or simply have a half hour to spare and want to see a visual feast check out this New York Times article from a couple days ago.

New Tradition?

How bout a run for a cause on Thanksgiving day – before or after the meal?  There will probably be a Turkey Trot in your area, often set up to benefit a charity or cause – so why not take a bite out of a 5k or 10k – start a new tradition, and feel good.

New Bird?

Have you ever wondered where the turkey on your festive table came from or what sort of life it had before it ended up as dinner? I know you know what I’m gonna say next – head on over to this site and get a quick education about the life of a turkey, and then make an informed decision about what you want as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving spread.

New Thanks?

I searched for amusing gratitude lists for y’all but came up empty as the ones I found were not overly funny – mostly banal stuff, hey ho. But I did find a British chick’s list that might spark off a smile and change your thoughts about what’s going to be on your thankful list…

New Layover Stressbuster?

And since many folks will be travelling to reach loved ones for their holidays how ’bout being stuck at an airport that has an indoor butterfly garden or flavoured oxygen to get rid of jet-lag? Too bad most of these airports are overseas…

[Img.Src: 1918 Thanksgiving]

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