A couple Summer Firsts

This week starts off with Columbus Day – and as I’m not too fond of dudes who step onto occupied land and claim it for other countries, I’ll just treat this Monday like any other. As a last shout-out for summer we’ll be sharing any new firsts or new experiences we had during those over-heated days with y’all.

I had a couple projects going over the summer, and no, alas, that did not include working on my tan or trying out 20 new shades of nail polish – instead, one of my projects was the ultimate in coolness… I visited 16 libraries. It was a study to see the different ways city libraries cater to their residents, and to make note of the diversity of the library patrons and their activities. It was an eye-opening experience and I enjoyed every moment. People love libraries for the quiet, the wifi, the books, the public computers, the DVDs – but most of all for the chance to be in a public space and not be bothered while you go about your working, daydreaming, napping, studying, texting, reading, browsing or people-watching.


My other project which is still ongoing is one of those numbered endeavors that are quite popular these days- mine is called the ‘50 States of California‘. I use the bear and star off the cali flag and create bear-shaped pieces of art, 50 of ’em eventually. I’m having a blast creating the art, and coming up with bear names is icing on the cake. I recommend everyone hop on the numbered band-wagon and colonise your corner of the web with non-subjugated critters!


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