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The Strength of Words

LaFitterina: I’ve been reflecting on MoveGirlGO’s One-Year milestone — hard to believe that I’ve authored more than 50 blog-posts and more than 50 contributions to each Friday’s Inspiration/Perspiration potpourri. By my count, that’s more than 30,000 words which I tapped into my computer and edited, sometimes causing me to sweat and cuss, and a few times I was less than thrilled by the drivel I submitted. But, seeing my work published turned me into a proud momma, thinking ‘that’s mine — wow, did that turn out good!’


When I’m in my LaFitterina persona, crafting the words of a MoveGirlGO blogpost (definitely a labor of love), I’m trying my utmost to be entertaining, clever, thought-provoking, truthful, and above all inspirational. The premise of MoveGirlGO is that the words we send out will, without a doubt, levitate our readers and ourselves, get us out of our seats and away from our computers, and propel us into action. Through the eyes, into the brain, and (whammo!) the body gets moving.

What is it about words that we find so inspirational? Just 26 letters in our alphabet . . . plus maybe a dozen punctuation marks . . . shuffled in almost infinite combinations . . . to serve infinite purposes.

It’s amazing that we can be inspired as a result of reading some words and paragraphs. Just think of all those inspirational quotes, aphorisms, self-help books, etc., — and even fortune cookie fortunes. The power of words is awe-inspiring.

Hello, and Pleased to Meet You, Horses

Mizzfit: On Monday I got to run in the woods on a trail that curved along the side of some heading-into-summer hills – so quiet, lovely and full of flies, eesh. My incentive to get to the top of the biggest hill was a herd of horses along the ridgeline. Gasping for breath I reached the summit and let the most curious one approach – he turned out to be the head honcho, chasing away any other inquisitive horses. It was quite awesome there on top of the range, scratching horsey hide and occasionally being nibbled on. What big eyes you have, what large yellow teeth you have, and shame what a load of flies are bothering you, Mr Horse. Eventually the blight of flies chased me away and I was followed to the gate by the main dude who allowed a last nose scratch as he ushered me out. Pretty sublime run. I’ve included a video of some horse-riding folks with a glimpse of wild horses to set you off on a fun-filled weekend, and 3 cheers for happy encounters in the woods.

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