A Full Heart for the Holidays

After coming from a holiday that celebrates gratitude, and heading towards one that focuses on peace on earth and goodwill towards people, it looks like our attitudes are destined to reflect new found gracious living.

Thanks to some encouragement I received after Thanksgiving, I started to decorate my abode with lights, beads and baubles. The adornments have helped me to not only get out of my rut, but have served up some cheer and positive energy.


I also am grateful for the advice to smile and talk with strangers, and to seek out new ways to become active in my community–not just being satisfied with the feeding of a couple stray cats.

It’s about time that my constricted heart expanded and stayed full for more than a mere few weeks out of the year. I need to kick obstacles and excuses to the back of beyond and get involved with volunteer work at my neighborhood homeless shelter, for starters.

Wow. Now that I’ve put that out into the internet, I’d better head down the road, and take some Christmas decorations with me.

[Img.Src: Christmas Eve by Carl Larsson, 1904]

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