Blueberries & Cauliflower

This week is all about fruit and vegetables. As a kid I loved fruit and most vegetables. Some of my favorites were cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and peaches. They are still some of my go to’s during the summer.

If you are working fulltime like I am, taking the time to wash and prepare fruit and vegetables can feel like an overwhelming task. So I now give myself permission to buy the pre-washed or pre-cut items. I know that this might not be the most economical way to buy produce. However, it has become a great time saver for me.


Recently my favorite fruit has been the blueberries from Costco. They feel like a candy treat to me. I buy them and give them a quick rinse. I then let them dry overnight on a dishtowel. I can then package them in a little baggy for my lunch to take to work. They are a terrific addition in my morning oatmeal. They are great on their own for a snack. They even act as a dessert. I love those little gems.

My latest veggie love has been a Trader Joe’s find, Riced Cauliflower. I love to sauté it with other vegetables or add it into soups. The package suggests that you use it in place of pasta or rice. I haven’t tried that yet, but I have another bag in my fridge…

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