Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Spicy Stretching Routine

LaFitterina: It’s hard to find ways to make stretching exciting; in fact ‘exciting’ is pretty much the opposite of cooling down and relaxing the muscles. Stretching can be downright boring, and sometimes it’s tempting to skip it. Especially if I’m running late and have to get to an appointment. Sometimes I tell myself I’ll stretch in the shower — not recommended.

Lately though, I’ve started using textured rollers to ‘spice up’ my bouts of post-workout stretching. My Club has two types of textured foam rollers:

stretch_rollersI repetitively roll my body parts — that is, various muscle groups from the shoulders down to the calves — over these seeming torture devices, and let gravity do its work (“Obey gravity — it’s the law”). Magically, the kinks, knots, and soreness are eased. Cool!

Running With Green

Mizzfit: After a few days of rain followed by gray days and intermittent sun, I’ve noticed on my runs that there are all sorts of green leafy things sprouting. Every stationery surface has lichen and moss fast approaching maximum density, and the verges have all manner of tender, dainty, weedy greenery emerging. Hello, chlorophyll – you’ve been missed. Striding in my tennies it’s a veritable verdant feast for the senses – cheers to an emerald weekend.


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