Diving Back In to Joy

Last year I decided to up my game and started taking swimming lessons. I was having a good time, but eventually the weather changed and it began to get a little chilly. This native Californian just couldn’t get back into the water during the winter months. I promised myself that I would start again in the Spring.

Spring has sprung, but I have not taken the plunge… yet. What is holding me back? I could use the weather as an excuse, but it really hasn’t been that cold. I could use the new job as an excuse, getting used to the new schedule, but I seem to have settled in to my routine now.


So now that I have exhausted my excuse list, maybe it is time to remember the joy and challenge of learning something new. It can be frustrating, but also rewarding. As I progressed in my swim lessons I remember the feeling of getting stronger and developing a level calmness in the water. This is something worth the effort.

Swimming lessons – looking forward to diving back in.

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