Exuberant Fun with Friends

Well, after all the hype about fun, firm body parts, and exposure of aforesaid items to all sun and sundry, let me share with you how I’m ending my May and beginning my June.

I’m working. I’m writing. I’m trying to meet deadlines. The stress of it all has resulted in:

  • being sick
  • having back spasms
  • drinking
  • getting eczema on my arm
  • doing yoga in a very ineffectual manner
  • petting whatever cat happens to be in the neighborhood, and thus contracting aforementioned eczema
  • not sleeping

Well damn, never mind: this is supposed to be the fun week. Okay.


I’m working and will be thus employed for the next few weeks in a sedentary position–while looking for and finding excuses to move about and breathe–and after that will be able to focus more on my neglected body parts.

By the second week of June I am hoping that my motivational levels will increase to the extent that I will actually visit a gym.

And in the third week? I am escaping, going to beaches, getting my art on, visiting with a long ago and far away friend.

I won’t have time beforehand to lose weight or firm up for the visit. But it won’t matter, as my friend and I have a lot to catch up on, and none of it will be on why I’ve let my body go so large, so unwieldy, so unmanageable. I’m thinking that our focus will be on being exuberantly happy to be friends, to share our artistic endeavors, and to embrace the awesomeness of acceptance. And once we do that, we can go out and slay dragons. Or not.

[Img.Src: Adeline Genee with cat, 1913]

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