Energy in Motion

My energy levels over the years at times have felt like a roller-coaster. Sometimes it is smooth sailing, but then all of a sudden there is a dip and I am plunging. Then I am climbing back up again, pulling myself out of a dark hole. Here’s what I know about my energy – once I am in motion, it is easier to stay in motion. This seems to be true for my mind, body and spirit.

From a mind perspective I have noticed that when I am the busiest at work I am the most productive. My mind thrives on challenging projects. I also continually expand my knowledge either through seminars, books, or taking on new assignments. The more my mind expands and grows the more my energy follows its lead.


I have taken a similar method with my body lately, as I am keeping it in motion as well. Cycle class is my exercise of choice, but I now also have swimming. Learning formal swimming strokes has given my body enough of a challenge to stimulate the energy, but the water is gentle enough to keep me pain and injury free. This cycle and swim combo has kept my energy up during the day and my sleep sound at night.

My spirit also flourishes on a combination of motion and learning. Each day I meditate and practice mindful gratitude. I believe this helps replenish my energy. I also attend seminars and read books with the intention to grow on a spiritual level. This seems to keep my energy positive and flowing.

Being aware of my energy has been so helpful. I am optimistic from a mind, body, and spirit level which have been so encouraging that I am on the right path.

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