Running to Beat the Heat

Yesterday I spent the entire day outside at an art festival, and it was hot, damn hot. The night didn’t bring any relief, which is sad, man – cause a girl likes to at least try and cuddle up with a blanket to catch some zzzzs. This summer’s been a scorcher, some days much hotter than usual– thanks, global warming. Does the summer heat sap your motivation, or do you access the lizard-part of the brain – and search out the sun to bake bake bake?


So far this August I’ve been surprised by my energy, it’s been higher than usual, and as a result I’ve been enjoying longer runs. This past Saturday I headed out for an 8 miler at 7:30am and it was stinkin’ fabulous – not something I get to say very often. The tunes were good, and I would get energy waves at just the right moment – even had a black ankle biter come mock charging at me up my steepest hill, and it didn’t slow me down one jot.

Now, I’m on a roadtrip and will get to explore new running routes, which causes me to feel a wee bit trepidatious, but I don’t want to lose this late-summer feel-good running mojo, so fingers crossed I get some cojones to lace up my takkies.

[Img.Src: radiant suns, 1895]

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