Now is the Time to Get Moving

Whether you exercise indoors or outdoors, at the crack of dawn or at the setting of the sun – there’s a specific time period where your body and mind will work together at the optimum level— a time where if you hit it on the nose then you’re certain to reach a personal best. Really and truly? Nope, not as far as I know. However, it is true that if you schedule exercise time into your datebook you’re far more likely to get moving than if you just hope to exercise at some point during the busy day.


I’m a morning runner because if I leave it till the evening it’s not likely to happen, there will be too many excuses to slay. In the morning I’m ready to get moving whereas in the evening I’m fagged out with barely a hint of willingness to move. It’s all about finding what works best for you – that window where you have good energy and time.

Running at the same time every day works best for me because then nothing interferes with that time – trust me, the less excuses one has to deal with the better. Exercise has to be factored into the day as a necessity, it’s the bread and butter/the rice and beans of life – not the whipped cream to indulge in as a treat now and then. It’s also the fun bit of the day where you get sweaty with friends on the track or in the studio, or do solo missions up steep hills dreaming your way out of suburbia. Whatever time you choose, remember to think, “Now is the perfect time to get moving.”


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