Positive Qualities of Love

What do we need?


When do we want it?


This world keeps demanding quick fixes, but the quality of love doesn’t happen on demand, it can’t be prescribed, ordered online, or found on any shelves in the supermarkets–although Hallmark stores may claim otherwise.


So what does a person do when faced with the negative emotions of anger, bitterness, resentment, guilt and regret? Keep those positive emotions of acceptance, tolerance, empathy, forgiveness and hope in the forefront and in great supply. When dealing with noisy neighbors, bad drivers, demanding bosses, incompetent workmates–increase the compassion and give the benefit of the doubt; listen and realize what life would be like in their shoes.

Increase the doses of small acts of kindness: in the form of a smile, a word of encouragement, a gift of flowers, a message or cheery note, until they become larger and more bountiful.

Just how can I be a source of goodwill if my own supply of love has shriveled up? Well, I started thinking about all manner of things that boost my spirit, give me comfort or move me to bliss, and want to share my list:

a good book
rhythmic tunes
phone calls
tea with family and friends
finding jeans that fit
walking in the woods or meandering trails
changing seasons
photographs of family and friends
creeks, streams, brooks, rivers, lakes, and oceans
flora and fauna

If doses of these glad-producing things come into my life and fill up the well-spring of love, I’ll have even more than enough to share; the source will never dry up; picture a never-ending waterfall that never stops flowing and some how goes round and round.

[Img.Src: Emblems of Love, 1600s]

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